A-TAC products come with a lifetime warranty. The warranties cover any material or workmanship defects that prevents the product from properly functioning. The warranty does not cover any defects or broken parts if caused by improper use, wear and tear, or oxidation, which can be avoided with proper care by polishing and lubricating your tool.

Should the product be tampered with or altered, the warranty will become void. A-TAC declines any responsibility for items which have been altered from the manufacturer's specification. If you find any defects, please contact the staff at A-TAC Inc. to request the tool to be returned. Should A-TAC Inc. confirm the defect, the defective parts will be replaced for free, including return shipping at no additional charge.

Due to the growth of counterfeiting, A-TAC Inc. will not warranty products purchased from e-commerce websites where we cannot confirm the original source of the product or reliability of the seller.