About A-TAC

A-TAC Inc. is a Canadian-Veteran owned company that creates and distributes premier products for the Hunter, Outdoorsman, and Frontline Professionals.

The following pillars on which A-TAC stands, come from our lifelong love of knives and lessons learned from decades of Military experience.

Robust & Reliable – Overseas, in the bush or keeping the streets safe, you need reliable tools you can count on without hesitation. Our products are hand-picked and of the finest quality in their class.

Innovative – From Fox Knives being voted “Knife of the Year”, to our revolutionary Ghost Knife, or the A-TAC exclusive “Tactool” Pen, we strive to provide innovative solutions to real world problems.

Lightweight & Comfortable – A comfortable knife, like a rucksack or pair of boots, can be a beautiful thing or constant annoyance. The A-TAC Ghost Folding Knife is the ultimate everyday carry. Coined The Ghost after users said it was so comfortable, they hardly saw it and barely felt it in their pocket.

Focused Options - At A-TAC, we refuse to overwhelm customers with 1000's of random options. We hand pick our products with a philosophy of quality over quantity.