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TacTool Pen

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The TacTool Pen is an A-TAC creation that offers lightweight and comfortable functionality and versatility. When in a non-permissive environment, and you need a tool that can also effectively protect you, the TacTool is the answer.

From the boardroom to the team room, you will always want the TacTool Pen to be with you.

Tool Information:

  • Black anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • Standard G2 ink cartridge
  • Phillips and Flat-head screwdriver bit encased by the Strike Tip
  • Strike Tip for pressure point control tactics
  • Overall Length: 16cm / 6.3"
  • SKU: ATAC-AT001


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nice Tac Pen

The writing instrument itself is okay, writes well but similar to a nice Bic. But the pen is very sturdy and I love the usefulness of it both as a screwdriver and as a less than lethal defensive tool. Very useful as a firefighter and hope to have it for a long time.

Dillon Dobusz
Handy Tool for First Responder Students

The title says it all. A solid duty pen at a much better price point than most of the other options out there. The screw driver offers quite a bit of versatility in the field, and at home. I used it to tighten a seal on my air intake so I could limp the car to a mechanics shop not too long ago, because I almost always carry a pen, but leave my tool bag at home. My best friend also uses it as a Search Tool in lieu of a Kubaton while working security. I've put my TacTool through quite a bit of abuse. I can say from experience that this knife will survive anything short of literally running over it with a 15 thousand pound ambulance. A great tool to add to your kit, and given the amount of dollar store pens I break or lose in a day, it's paid for itself two times over.

Mike Step
You should buy this

This pen feels like it was designed by someone whose life has depended on the quality of their gear. Hold the pen and you can feel that when your back is against the wall this pen won't fail you and let you take notes afterward.

Chris Peak
Brilliant Tool

I love this pen and have it on me everywhere I go. I no longer carry a knife actually and only carry this for protection as it offers so many more options that i can actually use. My only gripe is it only has one size for the two screw drivers and I really would have liked to have to option of multiple sizes or multiple bits.


I write a lot and don't go anywhere without a pen of some sort, but this one has been by my side since I acquired it as it not only is a writing tool but also a handy tool with screwdriver bits and more. Add this to your collection.